Civil and Environmental Engineering

General Education

General Education 2 requirements (for students in the program prior to Fall 2011):

24 Units which include 3 courses from Arts & Humanities and 3 courses from Social Sciences.  Two of the above courses must be upper division.

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General Education 3 requirements (for students entering the program Fall 2011 and on):

32 Units with 12-20 units from Arts & Humanities and 12-20 units from Social Sciences. All courses can be lower division.

General Education 3 Worksheet for Civil Engineering Majors

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Popular GEs – General

Course descriptions and prerequisites can be found in the General Catalog:

Subject Title Units Topical Breadth Core Literacies
AAS 10 African-American Culture and Society 4 SS ACGH, DD, WE
AAS 181 Hip Hop in Urban America 4 AH DD, VL
AHI 1A Ancient Mediterranean Art 4 AH VL, WC
AHI 1B Medieval and Renaissance Art 4 AH VL, WC
AHI 1C Baroque to Modern Art 4 AH ACGH, DD, VL, WC
AMS 10 Introduction to American Studies 4 AH or SS ACGH, DD, WE
ANT 2 Cultural Anthropology 4 SS ACGH, DD, WC, WE
ASA 1 Historical Experience of Asian Americans 4 AH or SS ACGH, DD, VL, WC, WE
CHI 10 Introduction to Chicana/o Studies 4 AH or SS ACGH, DD, OL, WE
CHI 50 Chicana and Chicano Culture 4 AH ACGH, DD, WC, WE
CHI 65 New Latin American Cinema 4 AH VL, WC, WE
CLA 10 Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern Mythology 3 AH VL, WC
CLA 3 Rome and the Mediterranean: 800 B.C.E. to 500 C.E. 4 AH
COM 6 Myths and Legends 4 AH WC, WE
DRA 144 Introduction to Traditional Chinese Physical Culture 4 AH or SS
ECN 1A Principles of Microeconomics 4 SS ACGH, QL
ECN 1B Principles of Macroeconomics 4 SS ACGH, QL
FMS 1 Introduction to Film Studies 4 AH OL, VL, WC, WE
FMS 45 Vampires and Other Horrors in Film and Media 4 AH ACGH, DD, OL, VL, WC, WE
FST 10 Food Science, Folklore and Health 3 SS SE, SL VL, WC
HDE 12 Human Sexuality 3 SS ACGH, DD
HIS 111A, B, C Ancient History 4 AH or SS WC, WE
HIS 17A, B History of the United States 4 AH or SS ACGH, DD, WE
HIS 4A, B, C History of Western Civilization 4 AH or SS WC, WE
HIS 7A, B, C  History of Latin America; A: to 1700; B: 1700-1900; C: 1900-present 4 AH or SS WC, WE
HIS 9A, B History of East Asian Civilization 4 AH or SS WC, WE
HUM 13 Witches: Myth and Historical Reality 4 AH WC, WE
LIN 1 Introduction to Linguistics 4 AH or SS
MUS 10 Introduction to Musical Literature 4 AH VL, WC, WE
MUS 105 History and Analysis of Jazz 4 AH, ACGH, DD, WE
MUS 106 History of Rock Music 4 AH ACGH, VL, WE
MUS 11 Musics of the World 4 AH VL, WC
NAS 10 Native American Experience 4 AH or SS DD, WC, WE
PHE 120 Sport in American Society 3 SS
PHI 1 Introduction to Philosophy 4 AH WE
PHI 13 Minds, Brains, and Computers 4 SS SL, WE
POL 1 American National Government 4 SS ACGH, WE
POL 3 International Relations 4 SS WC, WE
PSC 1 General Psychology 4 SS
RST 10 Contemporary Ethical Issues 2 AH WE
SAS 30 Mushrooms, Molds, and Society 3 SS
SOC 1 Introduction to Sociology 5 SS ACGH, DD
WMS 50 Introduction to Critical Gender Studies 4 AH or SS ACGH, DD, VL, WE



General education courses with topics that may be of greater interest for civil engineering students

Note: Most of these courses are Social Science topical breadth, not Arts & Humanities, and many lack core literacies.

Subject Title Units Topical Breadth Core Literacies
AMS 5 Technology in American Lives 4 AH or SS WE
AMS 21 Objects and Everyday Life 4 AH ACGH, DD, WE
AHI 25 Introduction to Architectural History 4 AH VL, WC, WE
ARE 15 Population, Environment and World Agriculture 4 SS WC, WE
ARE 18 Business Law 4 SS
ENG 10 The Science Behind the Technology in Our Lives 4 SS
ECI 123 Urban Systems and Sustainability 4 SS ACGH, DD, WE
ECI 137 Construction Principles and Project Management 4 SS ACGH, WE
ECI 143 Green Engineering Design and Sustainability 4 SS
ECI 155 Water Resources Engineering Planning 4 SS WE
ECI 163 Energy and Environmental Aspects of Transportation 4 SS WE
ESP 1 Environmental Analysis 4 SS SS
ESP 10 Current Issues in the Environment 3 SS WE
HYD 10 Water, Power, Society 3 SS SS
LDA 1 Introduction to Environmental Design 4 AH or SS WC, WE
LDA 2 Place, Culture and Community 4 SS ACGH, WC, WE
LDA 3 Sustainable Development: Theory and Practice 4 SS ACGH, WE
MGT 11A Elementary Accounting 4 SS
MGT 11B Elementary Accounting 4 SS
MGT 140 Marketing for Tech Enterprise 4 SS
MGT 150 Technology Management 4 SS
PHI 24 Introduction to Ethics 4 AH WE
SAS 2 Feeding the Planet: Influences on the Global Food Supply 3 SS
SAS 3 Science, Technology and Society 4 SS
SAS 4 Water in Popular Culture 3 SS
SAS 8 Water Quality at Risk 3 SS
SAS 9 Crisis in the Environment 3 SS
SAS 10 Water, Power, Society 3 SS
SAS 11 California Geography  3 SS
SAS 12 Plants and Society 4 SS
SAS 18 GIS and Society 3 SS
SAS 25 Global Climate Change: Convergence of Biological, Geophysical, & Social Sciences 3 SS

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