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Lauren Worrell, Graduate Program Coordinator: (530) 752-1441

Faculty Advisor

Chris Cappa, Graduate Advisor

Area Advisors (GPC Representatives)

Degree Requirements

Guidance Manual for Graduate Students and their Advisors – EFFECTIVE FALL 2017 

CEE Degree Requirements-Effective Fall 2016

CEE Core Courses-Effective Fall 2016

*Please read the full Guidance Manual for Graduate Students and their Advisers for complete policy and requirements. Please see this website for program requirements as approved by the Graduate Council on May 20, 2016:

CEE Courses

Catalog of Civil and Environmental Engineering (ECI) Courses

List of current, future and past CEE courses: CEE Course Matrix *

ECI 289 Course Offerings

CEE Forms, Downloads, and Information

Graduate Study List (due every quarter)

MS Program Checklist – EFFECTIVE FALL 2016

PhD Program of Study

Program of Study with One Minor
Program of Study With Two Minors

Engineering Filing Fee Form (Note: you must also submit a Graduate Studies Filing Fee Form)

ECI 290 Waiver Request Form

       Change of Major, Degree Objective, Double Graduate Major: CEE Additional
Information Form

Change of Major Professor form

Desk Request Form and Policy 2018 *

Ghausi Hall Access and Safety Agreement *

Graduate Student Researcher Compensation Plan

Graduate Student Advisory Committee

PhD Student Travel Program

TA Information

  • CEE TA/Reader Interest Application *

Spring 2019

Winter 2019

Fall 2018

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2018 Orientation Materials

Grad Orientation Presentation 2018

MS Orientation

PhD Orientation

Imposter Syndrome Presentation

Office of Graduate Studies

Here you will find additional forms, handbooks, and policies including: degree completions checklists, advance to candidacy forms, filing fee form, graduate student handbook, and other information for continuing students.

 Archived Graduate Degree Requirements and Forms