Ghausi Hall Access Card Activation and Safety Agreement


For cards that are already activated but need updated access or if you are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact or submit a ticket to the UC DAVIS SERVICE HUB and select College of Engineering as your support team.

This page is an agreement contract to our environmental labs, computer rooms, and exterior doors in Ghausi Hall.

Code of Conduct

  • You agree to abide by the UC Davis Principles of Community:
  • You will report any unsafe or suspicious activities to the department CAO, Brooke Noonan at

Health and Safety

By gaining access to the building and department labs, you agree to participate in an annual safety training and abide by all department and university safety policies. For safety training information, please contact Shannon Ceballos at In the event of an emergency alarm, lab users must quickly bring their work to a halt, cap any open chemical containers, and leave the building by the nearest exit.  The CEE department meets outside the SW corner of the building by the coffee hut.

The following link provides safe exit procedures in case of emergency. If you cannot access the document via the internet, the document is posted between rooms 3029 and 3031 Ghausi Hall:

Cal Aggie Escort Service and Hours

Computer Lab and Security

The Civil & Environmental Engineering Department provides computer facilities for use by its graduate students.  In order to promote a safe, fair, and harmonious working environment, the graduate students are asked to abide by the following policies:

General Access and Cyber Security

  • The computer labs in Ghausi Hall are designated for use by Civil & Environmental Engineering graduate students and by students enrolled in certain Civil & Environmental Engineering classes only.
  • Please do not provide access to anyone who has not been issued an access card. The card provides security against theft and personal safety for the users of the lab. Non-compliance could result in losing your access privileges.
  • Adhere to UC Davis Computer and Network Use Policy, including refraining from transmitting or reproducing material that is copyrighted, slanderous, defamatory in nature, displaying obscene, lewd or sexually harassing images or text.
  • Web sites that allow downloading of copyright material have user agreements specifying how the site and material can be used. It is your responsibility to read and understand the agreement.  If you do not adhere to the agreement, the department can be denied access to those sites. For example: The ASCE site allows journal downloads.  You are not allowed to download more than one or two documents and strictly prohibits “systematic downloads”.  We have had students download multiple copies of journal articles and the campus was restricted from using that site until the student was identified and put under judicial review.
  • Please read the following documents. Failure to abide by these policies can result with an investigation by Student Judicial Affairs. If you are unable to access these documents via the internet, they are posted between rooms 3029 and 3031 Ghausi Hall.
  • Ultimately, you are responsible to know if the information you are printing or downloading is protected in any way. Please make sure you read and understand the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and know the policies of the websites you visit.

Electronic Communications‐‐Allowable Use

Electronic Communications‐‐Privacy and Access

Guidelines for Compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Printer Use

  • Each student is given a print quota of 100 pages per quarter.  The only way to extend your print quota is to request it from your adviser.
  • You cannot print copyright material.

Files and Storage

  • Files stored on lab systems can be removed without warning.
  • There is a small amount of disk space available on your account.  This is not designed for permanent storage of your files. The recommended service is your account provided by campus ( Please be aware that you are responsible for your own backups.

Reporting Problems