Department Policies

1. Voting Procedures

Reviewed by CEE and approved by CAP, 10/99
Modified to include Unit 18 continuing appointments, 10/04
Modified to include confidentiality of appointment votes, 10/04

2. Voting Protocol for Department Merit/Promotion Actions

Approved by Department based on ad hoc committee recommendation, 10/2/02

3. Academic Federation Appointment and Review Process

Original approved version, 9/02
Modified to include appointment process, 3/03
Modified in response to comments of AFPC and C. Richardson, 10/04

4. Consideration of Without Salary (WOS) Adjunct Faculty Appointments

Approved by Department based on ad hoc committee recommendation, 3/02

5. Voting Protocol for Election of the Dept. Rep. to the College Executive Committee

Approved by Department based on ad hoc committee recommendation, 10/2/02

6. Peer Evaluation of Teaching

Developed and approved by Department as per required by merit and promotion guidelines, 1994

7. Scholarship Criteria for Evaluation of Faculty Performance

Approved guidelines developed and approved by Department, 12/02

8. Criteria for Excellence in Teaching for Initial and Continuing Post-Six Year Appointment of Non-Senate Faculty (NSF) (Unit 18 Members)

Required by campus, criteria developed and approved by Department, 10/04
Sent to COE for approval, 10/04

9. Graduate Program Bylaws

Developed when the COE Graduate Group was reorganized into Departmentally-based Graduate Programs. Approved by Department and Graduate Council, 6/02

10. Graduate Program Guidance Manual for Graduate Students and their Advisors 

Updated annually.  Most recent version approved by Graduate Council June 2017.

11. Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) Compensation Plan

Reviewed annually.  Last revision approved by CEE Faculty Feb. 2018


12. The Postdoctoral Scholars Compensation Plan

These policies were the product of an administrative request from Graduate Studies.
Sent to COE for approval, 10/04. Campus guidelines for Postdoctoral students located at

13. Computer Committee Expenditure Guidelines

These previously informally applied guidelines were formalized by the Committee in 12/02

14. Graduate Student Offers – Required Form and Useful Information

Please see the Department Forms page for the online offer form and other Graduate Student Offer information

15. ECI 290 Revised Requirement and Waiver Form

This revised requirement for ECI 290 was voted upon unanimously January 5th, 2005 by the CEE faculty.

16. Visas policy for non-UCD students and Sample Letter

Policy was voted upon November 18, 2005 by the CEE faculty

17. Proposal Submission Forms and Budget Justification Template

18. Work Study Nomination Form