I.M. Idriss Awarded George W. Housner Medal

Professor Emeritus at the UC Davis Civil and Environmental Engineering Department Ed Idriss received the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute’s (EERI) 2018 George W. Housner Medal at the 11th US National Conference on Earthquake Engineering (11NCEE) in Los Angeles last month.

“The George W. Housner Medal of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute is awarded to recognize members of the Institute and others who have made extraordinary and lasting contributions to public earthquake safety through the development and application of earthquake hazard reduction practices and policies. … This, the most prestigious award of the Institute, shall be granted to at most one individual and perhaps none in each calendar year.”

More information on the award can be found at this link: https://www.eeri-members.org/pulse?cat=1790


Last Updated: July 12, 2018