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UC Davis Civil and Environmental Engineering offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees and boasts a diverse student body from around the world.

Known for our state-of-the-art research facilities, productive laboratories and progressive spirit, CEE offers collaborative and interdisciplinary curricula through graduate research and designated emphasis options, bringing students and faculty together to address real-world challenges.

UC Davis CEE master’s and doctoral graduates become leaders in their fields and go on to guide, define and impact change within our global community. 

All applicants must indicate an area of specialization on the application:  Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering and Structural Mechanics, Water Resources and Transportation Engineering.

  • Required Application Materials
  • ♦   Graduate Application 
    ♦   Statement of Purpose and Personal History and Diversity Statements
    ♦   Application Fee 
    ♦   Unofficial Transcripts   
    ♦   Letters of recommendation 
    ♦   English Language Requirement
  • Deadlines and Admission Schedule
  • It is the policy of UC Davis to only admit graduate students for first enrollment in the Fall Quarter.  Early application is encouraged; initial admission decisions begin in January and admissions are limited.

    Application deadlines:
    ♦   Priority Deadline – 12/15/2022
    ♦   Prospective Student Fellowship Deadline – 12/15/2022*
    ♦   General Deadline – 2/1/2023
    ♦   Space Available Deadline – 6/1/2023**

    *Applicants who apply by the Prospective Student Fellowship Deadline will be considered for the UC Davis internal fellowships. All admitted students are considered for departmental level funding.
    **Applicants who apply by the Space Available Deadline (but after the General Deadline) are not guaranteed to have their application reviewed by the graduate program. Their application will be reviewed only if the graduate program determines that they have additional space available.

    After gaining admission for the Fall, it is sometimes possible to request a deferment of enrollment until the Winter or Spring Quarter, if circumstances prevent you from starting in the Fall.  Approval is not automatic; a sound reason must be given. No applications will be accepted after the space available deadline, at which time the UC Davis application cycle closes. Your chances for late admission (between the general deadline and the space available deadline) increase if a faculty member in the department has expressed an interest in you joining the program or their research group.

  • Admission Criteria
  • Admission is competitive. All aspects of your application will be considered in our evaluation. This includes your Statements of Purpose and Personal History and Diversity statements, your letters of recommendation, potential research or work experience, your undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or better, your graduating institution, and (if applicable) your TOEFL or IELTS scores. Your overall application will all be evaluated by a committee of faculty in the department, including at least one professor from your area of specialization.  While all of these components of your application are important and we aim to take a holistic approach, there is no substitute for a strong undergraduate GPA. For those students interested in the MS I (Thesis) or Ph.D. degrees, research experience is a definite plus.

    Occasionally, the admissions committee will recommend admission for an applicant whose GPA would not normally warrant admission.  This may happen if other aspects of the applicant’s background which are not reflected in the GPA and/or GRE scores  strongly indicate a potential for success in our graduate program. A typical example is extensive and relevant work experience with excellent performance.  Under these circumstances, the student may be admitted on a “Course Work Only” (CWO) basis initially. While in CWO status, the student may not hold an academic appointment (i.e. a Teaching Assistantship or a Research Assistantship).  During the quarters spent in CWO status, the student must fulfill an agreement with the department that is made upon admission. This agreement usually involves a specified level of performance in a list of courses.

    Applicants who already have an MS degree in civil engineering from another institution can only be admitted to pursue a PhD degree. Admission into our PhD program is based, in part, on the availability of a faculty member to serve as the student’s major professor in the area of specialization proposed by the applicant.

  • Cost and Funding Opportunities
  • Current Tuition and Fees can be found on the Finance and Business website. Find out more about funding opportunities for CEE graduate students. 


Application Fee Waiver and Fellowship Opportunities

  • Graduate Preparation Programs Fee Waiver
  • Applicants who are affiliated with one or more of the Graduate Preparation programs listed on the Graduate Studies website are eligible for graduate application fee waivers.
    Please visit the Graduate Preparation Programs Eligible for Fee Waivers website to learn more. 
  • COE Equity Program Fee Waiver Eligibility 
  • Applicants must seek Fall 2023 admission to a PhD program administered by the College of Engineering. Applicants for MS programs are not eligible for a fee waiver through this program.
    Only US citizens or current permanent residents are eligible to receive a fee waiver through this program.
    Applicants who have participated in other Graduate Preparation Programs listed here already qualify for a fee waiver through that program.
    Details About the Request Form
    Please visit the COE Equity Program webpage to access the fee waiver request form
    * Applicants will need to provide brief contact/demographic information, as well as provide short responses to two questions.
    * Those who qualify for a fee waiver will receive an email with directions on how to use the waiver. (NOTE: waivers will be sent daily Monday-Friday only)
  • California State University Application Fee Fellowship Program
  • The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering will provide Graduate Application Fee Fellowships based on the following criteria:
    - Applicant has (or will) earn a degree from a California State University.
    - Applicant has a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) from their Bachelor’s degree granting institution.
    - Applicant has submitted a complete* application as a MS student to the Department of Civil and Environmental
    Engineering at UC Davis by the general deadline (PhD students should refer first to the COE Equity Program).

    - Applicant has submitted the supplemental CSU Graduate Application Fee Fellowship Program application.
    - Applicant does not qualify for the Graduate Preparation Program Fee Waiver or the COE Equity Program Fee Waiver (see above).
    *To be considered complete, the application must have all transcripts uploaded, and all three letters of recommendation submitted, in addition to the complete online application.

    For the Fall 2023 application cycle, the department will award up to 30 applications; awarded in order of submission to applicants who meet all the eligibility criteria.

    To receive this fellowship:
    1. Complete the online application form, and click “submit”
    2. Do NOT pay the application fee (we cannot offer refunds)
    3. Make sure all your transcripts are uploaded, and your letters of recommendation have been submitted
    4. Complete the short supplemental application form
    5. If your application is not showing as paid within 3 business days, please email

    Unfortunately, we are unable to provide admission fee waivers or fellowships to all interested applicants at this time. We hope to expand things in the future, but at this point there is no option for students not covered by one of the above programs.

For more information and guidance, please be sure to read through our frequently asked questions. If you still have further questions please send them to the Civil and Environmental Engineering Staff at