Teaching Assistants and Readers

Teaching Assistants and Readers

Teaching Assistant Information

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering TA/Reader Interest Application* Applications generally open around the start of the term prior to the term you are applying for 
    • Fall 2022 (Due 7/6/2022)
    • Winter 2023 (Due 10/5/22)
    • Spring 2023 (Due 1/11/23)
  • TA Handbook from the Center for Educational Effectiveness
  • Check on the CEE Course Matrix on our Courses page to see what our faculty are teaching

It is highly recommended you apply for TA and Reader positions with other departments. You can look for position listings in Handshake, or check individual departments' websites for more information on how to apply for TA and Reader positions with other departments. Our students have been hired in other departments -- math, physics, statistics, chemistry and design -- as well as various departments in the humanities and social sciences depending on that student's background.

Non-CEE Students: You are welcome to fill out the CEE TA/Reader Application, but please understand that we do prioritize the hiring of all CEE students, and therefore rarely hire outside of our department. 

* Please note: For CEE Google forms, you must be logged in through your Kerberos login, and not through a personal google or Gmail account.  If you receive an error message stating you don’t have access, please log out of all other accounts and try again.

TA Orientation

 All students must complete the TA Orientation to be hired as a TA.  The TA Orientation for Fall 2022 is now open, please register to attend here.  Civil and Environmental Engineering students will attend the TA Orientation on Monday. 

TA Language Proficiency Requirement

Be sure to check out the International and Academic English website about how to fulfill the Language Proficiency Requirement.

TA Resources

There are amazing resources for TA's through the Center for Educational Effectiveness (the other CEE).

Some of our own Graduate Students also made this outstanding video: How to Master the First Day of Instruction as a Teaching Assistant.  Video by:

- Sumeet Kumar Sinha, PhD Candidate, Civil and Environmental Engineering
- Patrick C. Bassal, PhD Student, Civil and Environmental Engineering
- Brian Morales, Masters Student, Civil and Environmental Engineering
- Chanh Nguyen, PhD Student, Chemical Engineering