Professor Fabian Bombardelli and CEE graduate students, Holly Canada and Heidi Chou, receive 2015 ASCE Individual Awards

A CEE faculty member and two CEE graduate students received individual awards from ASCE this year. Professor Fabian Bombardelli received the Outstanding Civil Engineering Faculty Advisor award, Holly Canada received the Community Service Award, and Heidi Chou received the Outstanding YMF Officer award. Congratulations Fabian, Holly, and Heidi! See below for a complete listing of winners.


Arthur Elliot Bridge – Kent Cordtz

Best Event – CI Student Days (Louay Owidat)

Charles Pope Construction – Eric Stannard

Francis Hveem Geotech – Steve French

Fredrick Panhosr Structure – Jason Horwedel

David Kennedy Water Resources – Sujan Punyamurthula

Humanitarian – Kit Miyamoto

Jonathon Burdette Brown Education – Scott Merry

William Hall Flood Control – Richard (Rick) M Johnson

Transportation – Brian Wright

Community Service – Holly Canada

Section Officer – Marie Silveira

Private Sector Civil Engineer – Jonathan Kors

Public Sector Civil Engineer – Mike Inamine

Life Achievement – Johnnie Mack

Outstanding Life Member – Reinard W. Brandley

Outstanding Civil Engineering Faculty Advisor – Fabian Bombardelli

Outstanding Younger Civil Enginee – George Little

Outstanding Branch Officer – Darren Mack

Outstanding YMF Officer – Heidi Chou

Legislative Activities – Craig Copelan