Professor Jay Lund Receives ASCE Award

Posted on: May 4, 2011

Jay Lund given Julian Hinds Award by the American Society of Civil Engineers 

Jay Lund, professor of civil and environmental engineering, director of the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences, and the current Ray B. Krone Chair of Environmental Engineering, received the 2011 Julian Hinds Award. The American Society of Civil Engineers has presented this most prestigious award in the field of water resources planning, development and management since 1975. 

Jay Lund_in a tie March 2011A productive scholar engaged in better understanding and solving major water problems in California and elsewhere, Lund will accept the award, which consists of a plaque and a cash prize of $3,000, during the World Environmental and Water Resources Congress in Palm Springs, CA, May 22-26, 2011. 

His award citation will read: “For fundamental contributions to the fields of water resource systems management and resource economics, for leadership that addressed the complex water resource challenges in California and other regions, and for the conceptualization and development of the CALVIN optimization model.” 

Lund’s principal specialties are simulation, optimization, and management of large-scale water and environmental systems, the application of economic ideas and methods, integrated water resource management, reservoir operation and water demand. He is an author of over 250 publications and has supervised over 90 graduate students, including 11 university faculty members. 

He has long been involved in water management problems and policy in California. Lund served on the advisory committee for the 1998 and 2005 California Water Plans and has led pivotal studies on policy and management for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, restoring Hetch Hetchy, and promising directions for future California water policy, as well as many other more localized and regional studies. 
The CALVIN economic-engineering optimization model of California’s vast water supply system has been developed and applied by Lund and numerous colleagues since 2001 to analyze many water policies, management and scenarios. Studies have examined forms of climate change, water markets, Delta water management, infrastructure capacity expansion, water conservation, water reuse and desalination, and dam removal. 

Lund is a member of the International Water Academy, past president of the Universities Council on Water Resources, and former convener of the California Water and Environment Modeling Forum. He has won awards for water-related research and service from the American Society of Civil Engineers and other organizations.