Bassam Younis

Bassam Younis

Position Title

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
3107 Ghausi

Dr. Younis conducts research into various aspects of fluid mechanics, using both computational and experimental approaches. His interests span a wide range of fluid-flow problems that involve the complex phenomenon of turbulence. He focuses on the development and application of advanced mathematical models to characterize this phenomenon so that its effects can be included in computer simulations software. He also performs experiments to obtain measurements to validate the mathematical models, and to explore novel methods for solving engineering problems. Applications of his research include the development of a novel system for water disinfection with UV light that is suitable for use in under-served communities, the development of a novel method for suppressing the vortex shedding that occurs from floating offshore structures, and the development of mathematical models of turbulence that he has used to predict the behavior of such diverse flows as those of blood in a diseased human artery, of air in the atmospheric boundary layer, and of water in the Sacramento River.

Awards & Honors

  • 2016 Richard Cunard Best Paper Award, Transportation Research Board
  • 2015 Distinguished Speaker, Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT
  • 2012 DAAD Visiting Professor, Stuttgart University
  • 2012 Visiting Professor, Harbin Engineering University
  • 2007 Erskine Fellow, University of Canterbury.
  • 2006 Invited Professor, University Pierre & Marie Curie – Paris.
  • 2002 Visiting Professor, Stuttgart University.