Outstanding Senior Spotlight: Genevieve Burye

Without the support of all the women who encouraged Genevieve Burye to explore her passion for math and science throughout high school, she may not have taken the AP environmental science class that helped her realize she wanted to pursue a career in civil and environmental engineering. That drive only increased as she began her program at the University of California, Davis. 

A woman wearing a UC Davis stole smiles
Genevieve Burye (Cody Duty/UC Davis)

“Since coming to Davis, my love of engineering has only grown,” Burye said. “My classes have reinforced my interest in the water industry. I want to continue learning about this important resource and do whatever I can to preserve it.” 

During her time at UC Davis, Burye formed strong connections with those in the College of Engineering. Her favorite civil and environmental engineering professor is Colleen Bronner, who was her instructor for “Introduction to Environmental Engineering,” and again for her senior design project. 

“Every time I talk with her, she gives insightful advice,” Burye said. “I hope one day I can be as trustworthy and caring as her.” 

Burye also worked with Bronner through Engineers Without Borders, or EWB, a student organization that aims to improve infrastructure in communities around the world. As a first-year student, Burye participated in the group’s Kenya project and later became its fundraising chair in her fourth year. Burye’s experience with EWB has helped her bond with fellow students and reminded her of the positive impact that engineering can have. 

“There are so many important ways engineers can help around the world, and I love that I get to be a part of that,” she said. “I have learned about teamwork and leadership and have gained a better understanding of myself and of the world. EWB is an amazing club with passionate members who I feel lucky enough to call my friends.” 

She encourages other students to take advantage of their opportunities to get involved with engineering projects and meet new friends along the way. 

“There are many wonderful people and activities you can be involved in, but you have to step outside your comfort zone,” Burye said. 

After graduation, she will be returning to her hometown of San Diego, California, where she will work with engineering consulting company NV5 as a junior water/wastewater engineer. 

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