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Ridership on public transit had been declining even before the spread of the virus. (Leo Patrizi/Getty Images)

Still recovering from COVID-19, US public transit tries to get back on track

Kari Watkins
Kari Watkins, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Savannah Luy / UC Davis)

U.S. commuters take approximately ten billion trips on public transit each year, but the industry is still recovering from the hits it took during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kari Watkins, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at UC Davis, was interviewed by SciLine to discuss what cities can do to increase public transportation ridership and how people can make better use of this environmentally friendly mode of transportation. 

Watkins is a leading expert in transit, whose research contributes to the goal of expanding mobility options by improving transit, walking, bicycling and other alternatives to driving.

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