Awards bestowed upon Laura Hernandez-Bassal

Image of woman smiling against solid backgroundLaura Hernandez-Bassal, PE, is a current structural and earthquake engineering Ph.D. candidate at UC Davis. Recently, she was awarded fellowships from the ACI Foundation and ASCE. 

The ACI Foundation is a non-profit subsidiary of ACI that promotes progress, innovation, and collaboration in the concrete industry through strategic investments in research, scholarship, and ideas. 

The ACI Foundation awarded Hernandez-Bassal the ACI Presidents' Fellowship. 

All Fellowship recipients receive a $10,000 - $15,000 US educational stipend; paid travel expenses and attendance fees to two ACI conventions; and assistance in finding an industry mentor.

The ACI Foundation strongly supports students joining the field of concrete – future designers, engineers, construction managers, and contractors – and has provided financial support, and mentorship and internship opportunities in the concrete industry to 175 students in the last decade. 

 Hernandez-Bassal was also selected by the American Society of Civil Engineers as a recipient of the 2020 O.H. Ammann Research Fellowship in Structural Engineering. The O.H. Ammann Research Fellowship is awarded to encourage creation of new knowledge in structural design and construction with a stipend of at least $5000 to complete approved research projects. 

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