CEE Scholarships and Fellowships

Scholarships and Fellowships for CEE Students

Scholarships may vary by year but the below are commonly offered. 
Department Citations for Outstanding Performance for Undergraduates

Participation in the Citation Program is voluntary and open to all departments and major programs. Two types of citations are available for students considered to be outstanding: (1) Department Citations are for students selected by the department as having the highest academic record in the major or program; and (2) Citations for Outstanding Performance are for students selected by the department or specialized program as having demonstrated exceptional performance (this does not necessarily mean academically). 


J. Amorocho Memorial Prize Fund

Awarded to an upper-division undergraduate student who: A. demonstrating an interest in the pursuit of a career in water Resources and B. a record of excellent academic performance, or combined quality in academic achievement with achievement in other areas, such as athletics. 


Beavers’ Charitable Trust Scholarship

The recipients must be US. Citizens who are students working for a degree no higher than a Master's. Academic requirements are not specific as we recognize a student, who is working part time due to financial need, may justifiably have lower grades. The recipient must be a full time student and financial need must be an important factor in the selection. There are not restrictions placed on recipients of the Beavers Scholarship Award as to their eligibility to receive other awards. We expect the interpretation of financial need to be consistent with the policy established by your university. The student should have a goal of achieving a career in the heavy construction industry. This may be difficult criterion to measure. However, it is sufficient for this to be established by one or more of the following:

  • Stated intention of pursuing such a career.

  • By part-time or summer work in the heavy construction industry.

  • Actual curriculum undertaken

  • A written paper outlining his reasons for choosing a career in heavy construction industry.


Walter D. Buehler Scholarship

Established by his wife, Carol, in 1986 in honor of his 60th birthday, this scholarship recognizes the founder of the Buehler, Buehler & Associates structural engineering firm. Mr. Buehler was the structural designer of Bainer hall. This scholarship is intended for a student who has a desire for a career in Structural Engineering and who has expressed interest to work professionally in the Sacramento area. Students must have completed the lower division Engineering program, be completing their junior year, and demonstrated excellent academic performance combined with achievements in other areas such as athletics and other student activities (e.g., ASCE). Award based on merit not financial need.


Robert Wiley Ross Award

This scholarship has been established in memory of Robert Wiley Ross. Robert (B.S. Civil Engineering 1982) and his wife, Greta Breedlove Ross, were killed in a tragic accident a few months after their wedding in 1985. They had met as UCD students through the Cal Aggie Square Dance Club. At the time of their death, Robert was completing work on his master’s degree in civil engineering and Greta was completing h3er Baccalaureate Degree in Animal Science. This scholarship was created by his parents to be given to a student majoring in Civil Engineering (or if applicable to a graduate student) demonstrating academic achievements reflected by their GPA and participation in UCD-sponsored engineering or business related extra-curricular activities (e.g., students active in ASCE and/or who has passed the EIT exam). Second consideration would be financial need. Award is to be given to a student entering the senior year, or prior to completion of requirements for a graduate degree.


Teichert Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship was initiated under the campus -wide campaign: STUDENTS FIRST, which was conducted through the UC Davis Foundation and their commitment with all members of the university community in support of a quality public education throughout California. The awards have been established to support a civil engineering student during the junior year. This award is to recognize previous academic achievements while at the same time providing financial support to those students who must request financial aid to cover much of their college. Award is based on academic achievements and financial need for those students who must seek employment to help cover the cost of their education.


U.C. Davis Prize for Excellence in Geotechnical Engineering, established by I.M. Idriss in 2001

Awarded to a graduate student in Geotechnical Engineering for outstanding achievement.


Carollo Engineering Scholarship

Preference is to award the scholarship to an United States citizen who is interested in water or wastewater engineering. The student who meets the criteria stated above is to be selected by professors in your department.


Risken Environmental Engineering Endowment

Established to support a single undergraduate student working on a project related to air/water/environmental quality improvement as part of the student’s coursework.


George and Rosemary Tchobanoglous Graduate Fellowship

This endowed fund was established in 1999 to recognize outstanding graduate students in environmental engineering. The Tchobanoglous’ wish is that this fellowship be reserved for students studying towards the master’s degree who are not considered candidates for the doctoral degree. The recipient or recipients shall be chosen each year by the Environmental Engineering faculty.